Traveling with an animal in the UK

Image Traveling with an animal in the UK

Many people have found it difficult to take care of their pets when they travel. Most airlines have special rules and regulations concerning the possibility to travel with an animal. In fact, many airline companies allow passengers to travel uniquely with their pets such as tortoises, cats, dogs or a restricted kinds of animals. To address this issue, a solution has been found for you. There are important airline companies which provide special services for those who travel with an animal.

Which airlines in the UK allow passengers to travel with an animal?

And what are the requirements for passengers willing to take an animal on board? Which airlines in the UK allow passengers to travel with an animal? Here is a list of some major airline companies in the UK which allow that:

  •  British Airways and its sister company IAG World Company
  •  Virgin Atlantic
  •  Thomson Airlines
  •  Flybe - Monarch Airlines

This means that it is possible to take your pet with you while traveling. In fact, each airline company has its rules and regulations concerning flying with a pet. Some of them require the transportation of the animal in the cargo hold.

In other airlines, however, the pet can be in the cabin with its owner. Special health certificates may be required but not by all companies. This means that it is necessary to inquire about these rules and services before traveling, since they may not be available in some airline companies.

How does it work?

British Airways, Thomson Airlines and Flybe require that the pet travels in the hold even though an animal carriage is offered. Even better, the IAG World Company is permissive to all requests concerning flying with a pet.

A pet transportation service is provided by Monarch Airlines on weekdays. This airline company allows at most six animals on each flight on weekdays. Passengers can travel with their dogs and cats to any destination by Virgin Atlantic.

However, they must make sure that the dogs are not among those from the list of Dangerous Dogs. In addition, they do not accept any pets to depart or arrive in the UK on Sundays.

What to do if you travel with an animal in the UK?

In order to be able to take your pet with you on your trip, the solution is to book your flight with eDreams, which will help you organize and know what to do if you want to travel with the animal you love: ­

  • The kind of pet the airline company allows to accompany you for your trip. ­
  • Confirm the price two weeks before your flight. The price depends on the dimension of the container. You can calculate the exact size of a container for your pet online. ­
  • Confirm with the airline company whether an animal certificate is required. ­
  • Check whether a special booking is required for the pet. ­
  • Make sure whether the animal has to be kept on hold during the flight. ­
  • Confirm also if the pet can travel on weekends or only on weekdays. ­
  • Ask the airline company if the pet needs to travel via another flight when returning home.

All this will be at hand's reach with eDreams!