To adopt an animal while visiting the UK

Adopt an animal in UK
Photo To adopt an animal while visiting the UK

You love animals and want to keep an animal that will be your company even if you go on vacation. Dog, cat or other animals, you can find one that will make you happy the time of your passage in the country of your destination.

It is very likely to be attached to it; however, it is important to know that if you decide to leave with your pet, there are some rules to follow. For Great Britain, adopting an animal is quite possible during your stay and leaving with it is another thing. To enlighten you from the burden of animal care, we have set up this little guide.

Which animal to adopt during your visit?

In Great Britain, you have a wide choice of animals to adopt during your weekends or holidays. As in other countries, dogs and cats are the most chosen and easiest to adopt in terms of pets.

However, there are various other animals that you can choose that can accompany you everywhere or that you can take care during your stays. In Great Britain, you can choose between these atypical animals: 

  •  A pigeon 
  •  A fish 
  •  A black grouse 
  •  A goose 
  •  A crow

However, these animals can take time to adapt to a new environment so most tourists opt for pets such as dogs and cats. The advantage of dogs is the fact that it can accompany you even in the means of transport. As for the other animals such as a fish or a pigeon it will be more complicated for obvious reasons.

Pre-flight requirements

After spending time with your pet during your vacation in Britain, you have given a strong attachment to your pet, so you decide to take it to your country. There are some travel documents and many other things to complete.

Regarding the case of a cat or a dog, it is important to know at least some criteria which include obtaining an authorization to bring the animal with you to your country.

The animal certificate must contain information about the vaccination, medical checkup and animal identification number. Do not forget to ask your veterinarian. Similarly, your pet must have a passport. The rabies vaccine is mandatory at least 21 days before departure. Deworming is also required to reduce or remove parasites on from the animal skin.

Start again with your new animal in a complete serenity

Once decided and after completing all the travel documents, including the legal authorization to travel with the animal, it is necessary to take the travel cost into account, and this is excluded from your plane tickets and your expenses during your stay.

In this case, the best solution is to contact a travel agency offering a discount for travelers with pets. eDreams is an agency that excels in this area and offers the best rates. With eDreams, you can contact a customer service agent for more information on paperwork and the process of bringing a pet into your country.