Rules about animal quarantines in the UK

Animal quarantines
Photo Rules about animal quarantines in the UK

Many travelers don't want to abandon their pets when traveling to another country. And many people who are planning to travel to the United Kingdom may ask this question: "Is it possible to bring one's pet when traveling to the UK?" and "Can I live with my pet?" The answer is "yes" if you respect the applicable rules and restrictions on animal quarantines.

This article will be explaining more about the rules on animal quarantines in the United Kingdom. The commonest animals on which the rules are applicable are dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Pet travel rules

Before reading the next part bellow, you would be better to get to know the following rules about bringing a pet with you when traveling to the UK. 

  • Your pet has to be microchipped before leaving for the UK. 
  • Make sure your animal have been inoculated against rabies recently. 
  • Your pet has to have blood tests done before entering the UK. 
  • After the pet operation and treatments (vaccination, microchipping), you have to wait for 3 weeks to travel to the UK. 
  • Very often, your pet must be treated against tapeworms and ticks before entering the UK. It is doable right after your arrival in the UK and it will not take too much time. 
  • Take all valid documents about your pet to prove its wellness.

Reasons why there is no need to put your animal in quarantine

When you travel to UK, you likely have the chance to bring your pet with you. This is possible if the following situation applies: 

  • The travel is included in UK area 
  • You travel across the UK and the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man 
  • Your pet is appropriate to the travel rules of UK (as seen above) 
  • You stay only for a few hours in the country 
  • You keep it in a holding facility at the port or airport.

Reasons why you have to put your animal in quarantine

According to the rules related to the animals and quarantines, some pets cannot be brought with you when you travel to the United Kingdom. So you have to put your pet in quarantine if you are in the following situations: 

  • In the case of dogs, cats and ferrets, they are taken from outside the UK and they are not appropriate to the pet travel rules as seen above. 
  • Your pet is a rabbit or a rodent from outside the UK. 
  • You don't have the pet medical certificate appropriate to the requirements Non-compliance with the rules may lead you to pay any fees and charges, it may also affect your flight and your stay.

Traveling to the United Kingdom

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